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Unibeton Ready Mix Summer Internship Program 2024 for Students

In the bustling city of Abu Dhabi, where visionary architecture meets innovative engineering, Unibeton Ready Mix stands as a cornerstone in the construction industry. With its unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality concrete solutions, Unibeton has established itself as a trusted partner for large-scale projects. This blog post takes you on a journey to explore the world of Unibeton Ready Mix, shedding light on the company's description, responsibilities, qualifications, experience, skills, job benefits, and how to get in touch with them.

Unibeton Ready Mix is a leading concrete supplier in Abu Dhabi, renowned for its exceptional construction solutions. The company prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art concrete products tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients. From infrastructure development to high-rise buildings, Unibeton's dedication to quality ensures that every project is built on a solid foundation.

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Working at Unibeton Ready Mix comes with a wide range of responsibilities that contribute to the success of construction projects. As part of the team, you will be responsible for overseeing concrete production, ensuring the accuracy of mix proportions, conducting quality control tests, and adhering to safety protocols. Collaborating with project stakeholders, you will also play a crucial role in providing technical support and recommending optimized concrete solutions.


To join the Unibeton family, aspiring candidates should possess a relevant bachelor's degree in civil engineering or a related field. In addition, a strong understanding of concrete technology and mix designs is highly desirable. Exceptional problem-solving skills, effective communication abilities, and the capacity to work in a fast-paced environment are also essential qualifications.


Unibeton Ready Mix values professionals who bring valuable experience to the table. While specific experience requirements may vary depending on the role, having a proven track record in the construction industry, particularly in the field of concrete production and quality control, will significantly enhance your application. Unibeton recognizes the importance of experience in driving efficiency, innovation, and continuous improvement.


At Unibeton Ready Mix, proficiency in various skills is vital to ensure success in delivering outstanding concrete solutions. Apart from technical skills such as mix design optimization and quality control, a keen eye for detail, strong analytical thinking, and the ability to work effectively in teams are highly valued. Moreover, a commitment to upholding safety standards and a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends are crucial attributes for thriving in this dynamic environment.

Job Benefits

Unibeton Ready Mix is committed to fostering a work environment that rewards excellence and encourages professional growth. As a Unibeton employee, you can expect a competitive salary package, comprehensive health and insurance benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. The company strongly believes in work-life balance and provides a supportive atmosphere where employees can learn, innovate, and excel.


To explore career opportunities with Unibeton Ready Mix, you can visit their official website at www.unibetonrm.com. There, you will find a dedicated section for careers where you can browse open positions and submit your application. Alternatively, you can contact their human resources department directly via email at careers@unibetonrm.com or by phone at +971 25511500. Unibeton's team is readily available to provide any further information you may need.

Unibeton Ready Mix is an integral part of Abu Dhabi's thriving construction landscape, ensuring that the city's architectural dreams are built upon a strong foundation of quality concrete. By offering a stimulating work environment, professional growth opportunities, and a commitment to excellence, Unibeton Ready Mix sets itself apart as an employer of choice in the industry. If you're passionate about construction and seek a rewarding career that makes a tangible impact, Unibeton Ready Mix could be the perfect place for you to thrive. Reach out to them today and embark on an exciting journey towards construction excellence.

Employment Type
Duration of employment
6 months
Construction, Building materials
Job Location
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Abu Dhabi, 00000, UAE
Working Hours
Base Salary
€10-€20 Per hour
Date posted
April 19, 2024
Valid through
July 14, 2024
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