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Old Mutual Summer Internship 2024 Opportunities For Recent Graduates

Embark on a captivating expedition into the heart of Johannesburg, where a renowned financial institution, Old Mutual, thrives as a cornerstone of success. In this bustling metropolis, Old Mutual stands tall as a symbol of unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and communities. Join us as we delve into the depths of this extraordinary establishment and discover the essence that sets it apart.

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Embrace a role that transcends the ordinary, as Old Mutual grants you the opportunity to shape the financial landscape of Johannesburg. As a valued team member, you will be entrusted with diverse responsibilities, ranging from formulating innovative financial strategies to fostering meaningful relationships with clients. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in guiding individuals and businesses towards financial security and prosperity.


At Old Mutual, we seek exceptional individuals who possess a unique blend of intellectual prowess and creative acumen. A degree in finance, economics, or a related field will provide you with a solid foundation for success. Moreover, we encourage those who embody a holistic approach to problem-solving, demonstrating a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of the financial realm.


As you embark on this transformative journey, we value both seasoned professionals and aspiring newcomers. For seasoned candidates, we welcome your wealth of experience in the financial sector, offering you the opportunity to refine your skills and make an indelible impact. For aspiring individuals, Old Mutual provides a nurturing environment that fosters growth and encourages learning, ensuring that you unlock your full potential.


Unleash the power of your skills, as Old Mutual recognizes the importance of a diverse skillset. Beyond financial acumen, we value individuals who possess exceptional interpersonal skills, a knack for problem-solving, and the ability to adapt to dynamic environments. Moreover, a deep sense of empathy and an unwavering commitment to ethical practices are qualities that resonate strongly with our values.

Job Benefits

At Old Mutual, we strive to create an environment where every team member feels valued, supported, and motivated to reach new heights. As part of our team, you can expect a comprehensive benefits package, including competitive compensation, health and wellness programs, ongoing professional development opportunities, and a vibrant work culture that fosters collaboration and creativity. Furthermore, you will have the privilege of working with esteemed professionals who share your passion for excellence.


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary career journey with Old Mutual in Johannesburg? Join us today by visiting our website at www.oldmutual.co.za/careers. For any further inquiries, reach out to our dedicated recruitment team or call us at +27 11 217 1000. Your future awaits!

Step into the world of Old Mutual in Johannesburg, where ambition meets opportunity, and dreams evolve into reality. Unleash your potential, explore new horizons, and be a part of a legacy that shapes the financial landscape of South Africa.

Employment Type
Duration of employment
6 months
Financial services
Job Location
Johannesburg, South Africa, Johannesburg, 1709, South Africa
Working Hours
Base Salary
€10-€20 Per hour
Date posted
May 17, 2024
Valid through
June 26, 2024
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