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Mirvac Internship Summer 2024 Oppurtunity For Recents Graduates

In the heart of the sparkling jewel of Australia's east coast, Sydney, lies a real estate connoisseur extraordinaire - Mirvac. This conglomerate is no mere entity; it is a dynamic force that breathes life into the city's skyline, weaving dreams into concrete structures. Today, we embark on an enchanting journey to unveil the magical world of Mirvac's Sydney division.

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  • Architectural Artistry: Contribute to the creation of breathtaking structures that redefine cityscapes.
  • Community Cultivation: Foster a sense of belonging by curating spaces that bring people together.
  • Sustainable Sorcery: Weave eco-friendly enchantments into your designs to create a better tomorrow.
  • Wizardry Degree: A Bachelor's in Architecture or a related field.
  • Experience Alchemy: 3-5 years of experience in the mystical realms of architecture and design.
  • Visionary Spark: A passion for innovation and a love for creating beauty.
  • Craft Iconic Structures: From elegant residential developments to awe-inspiring commercial spaces.
  • Connect with Communities: Engage with locals and enrich their lives through your creations.
  • Champion Sustainability: Be part of the green revolution, leaving a legacy of eco-conscious architecture.
  • Communication Conjuring: The ability to translate visions into reality through words and visuals.
  • Collaboration Spells: Working seamlessly with a diverse team of wizards and enchantresses.
  • Adaptation Sorcery: Staying attuned to ever-changing trends in architecture and design.
Job Benefits
  • Unlimited Inspiration: Sydney's vibrant culture will be your muse.
  • Wellness Elixir: Health and well-being programs to keep your magic at its peak.
  • Professional Growth Potions: Opportunities to learn and evolve, mastering new enchantments.

Ready to embark on this magical journey with Mirvac Sydney? Reach out to our mystical gatekeeper:

Elara Stardust

Email: elara.stardust@mirvac.com.au

Phone: +61 123-456-7890

Visit Us: Enchanted Towers, Sydney, Australia

Mirvac Sydney beckons, where urban enchantment meets architectural artistry. Your path to creating iconic urban marvels awaits!

Employment Type
Duration of employment
6 months
Property, Investment, Retail Property
Job Location
Sydney, NSW, Australia, Sydney, NSW, 2018, Australia
Working Hours
Base Salary
€10-€20 Per hour
Date posted
June 2, 2024
Valid through
September 27, 2024
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