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Ace Radio Summer Internship 2024 Program For Recent Graduates

In the heart of the cultural hub that is South Melbourne, Ace Radio emerges as a vibrant orchestra of communication, conducting a melodious broadcast that resonates with the community's pulse. This blog post invites you to step into the world of Ace Radio, where words transform into notes, and the airwaves hum with creativity.

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  1. Mastering the Soundboard: As an integral part of the Ace Radio team, your primary responsibility will be to orchestrate captivating radio programs. You'll be the conductor of the airwaves, curating content that entertains, informs, and engages our eclectic audience.
  2. Creating Sonic Art: Craft compelling scripts and narratives that captivate listeners. Your words will be the notes of our symphony, weaving stories that evoke emotion and curiosity.
  3. On-Air Charm: Bring your unique personality to the microphone. Host shows, interviews, and live broadcasts, building connections with listeners and making them feel like cherished members of our radio family.
  4. Technical Wizardry: Learn the intricacies of our cutting-edge broadcasting equipment and software. Your mastery of these tools will be the magic wand that transforms ideas into audio reality.
  • Passion for the Waves: A burning love for radio and a deep appreciation for its power to connect, entertain, and inspire.
  • Wordsmith Extraordinaire: Proficiency in the art of storytelling with a gift for crafting engaging content.
  • Tech Savvy: An aptitude for learning and using broadcasting equipment and software.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing content demands and evolving industry trends.

Previous experience in radio broadcasting is a bonus, but not mandatory. We believe in nurturing raw talent and providing opportunities for those who possess the passion and dedication to learn and grow with us.

  • Communication: A clear, expressive voice and exceptional communication skills are essential for connecting with our diverse audience.
  • Creativity: The ability to think outside the box and craft innovative radio content.
  • Time Management: Juggling multiple tasks while ensuring on-air excellence.
  • Team Player: Collaborative spirit to harmonize with the Ace Radio ensemble.
Job Benefits
  • Creative Freedom: Ace Radio encourages and rewards creativity, allowing you to express yourself freely.
  • Training and Development: Access to ongoing training and development opportunities to hone your broadcasting skills.
  • Community Impact: Your work will resonate with the community, making a positive impact and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Passionate Team: Join a team of radio enthusiasts who share your dedication and love for the medium.

Ready to take the plunge into the world of Ace Radio? Send your résumé and a cover letter highlighting your passion for radio to [email@example.com]. Join us in crafting the harmonious symphony that is Ace Radio in South Melbourne. Your voice is the missing note in our masterpiece!

Employment Type
Duration of employment
6 months
Broadcast radio Print publishing Digital marketing
Job Location
South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205, Australia
Working Hours
Base Salary
€10-€20 Per hour
Date posted
June 2, 2024
Valid through
September 28, 2024
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